Video: Mary’s magic potatoes

Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes help fight malnutrition in Uganda

With one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world, Uganda needs solutions like healthy, affordable food. Enter the orange-fleshed sweet potato, fortified with Vitamin A to reduce micronutrient deficiencies in children. BRAC is helping local farmers cultivate the potatoes and educating mothers about their health benefits.

Video: Noeline’s journey

Noeline empowers girls in her community

Around the world, adolescent girls are one of the most vulnerable groups. In Uganda, high teenage pregnancy rates and few employment opportunities limit opportunities for young people who can’t afford to finish school. Discover how BRAC’s flagship girls empowerment program has created new opportunities for Noeline.

Video: Saving lives at the last mile

Discover how Ruth is saving lives in her community

BRAC’s community health worker program is among the largest in Uganda. BRAC trains women to provide basic care to pregnant mothers and children in their community and refer patients to nearby clinics for further care. With a focus on mothers and children under five, community health workers save lives and reach families in remote communities that otherwise would not have access to critical care.