Lindsay Coates

Photo of Lindsay Coates

Lindsay Coates is Managing Director of BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative, a holistic, time-bound approach to reach the poorest people and help them on a pathway out of extreme poverty.

Lindsay has nonprofit executive experience and a legal background in civil rights, which bring together her passion for human rights, the social sector, and global development. She is active as a speaker and writer on a range of topics around equity and inclusion.

Lindsay leads BRAC’s advocacy agenda to leave no one behind using effective, innovative, and multidimensional approaches to change the lives of the most marginalized people. She is also responsible for its learning agenda and technical assistance activities worldwide in the 10+ countries where BRAC is currently implementing or assisting with Graduation programs.

Before joining BRAC, Lindsay served as the president of InterAction, where she oversaw management and institutional outreach to InterAction members and partners. Lindsay has also served on the steering committee of the World Bank Global Partnership for Social Accountability, the executive committee for Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, and the boards of Episcopal Relief and Development, United States Global Leadership Coalition, and Development Gateway. She also served on the Obama administration’s Task Force on Global Poverty. Prior to her work in the nonprofit sector, Lindsay practiced civil rights law in various capacities, including beginning her law practice in Mississippi. She is a graduate of the University of the South (Sewanee) and the University of Mississippi School of Law.