Jess Hagler

Photo of Jess Hagler

As a Coordinator at BRAC USA, Jess provides direct support to the Executive Director of BRAC International and the Senior Vice President of BRAC USA to drive BRAC’s global operations and advance BRAC’s poverty alleviation programs.

Before joining BRAC, Jess worked as a Research Associate at Whisnant Strategies, a small philanthropic advising firm in Washington D.C. Jess was a previous intern at BRAC USA and also spent three years working with The Grassroot Project to develop, organize, and deliver innovative game-based health programs to at-risk youth in Washington D.C.

Jess graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science and Socio-cultural Anthropology from The George Washington University where he was also a four-year Division 1 student athlete on the Men’s Rowing team.