Julie Kedroske

Photo of Julie Kedroske

As a Senior Technical Advisor with the Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative, Julie delivers technical guidance to governments, multilaterals, international NGOs, and BRAC program teams in the design and implementation of Graduation and economic inclusion programs and promotes global advocacy efforts.

She has provided strategic support to contracts with the Governments of Lesotho, Rwanda, Tunisia, Pakistan, Tamil Nadu – India and the Philippines, as well as BRAC Uganda and BRAC Liberia. She brings demonstrated expertise advising on inclusive pro-poor social and economic policy, programs, and evaluations, as well as hands-on experience conducting in-depth needs and vulnerability assessments and facilitating trainings on the Graduation approach and adaptation to new contexts. Julie also specializes in Graduation programs targeting people with disabilities and youth, as well as urban and climate change affected contexts.

Before joining BRAC USA, Julie worked with CARE International in Sri Lanka to develop and implement a handloom weaving entrepreneurship program for women-headed households in post-conflict regions. She also worked with the International Water Management Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to design a livelihoods survey and participatory mapping project for smallholder farmers.

Julie has extensive consulting experience and holds a Master of Development Practice with a concentration in Business Planning and Management from Emory University, as well as a B.A. in Human Development and Social Relations from Kalamazoo College.