November 05, 2021

COP26: Why climate action must be inclusive — 6 experts explain

This year’s COP26 is one of the most critical moments in climate action history.


This article was originally published by World Economic Forum. An excerpt has been reposted below.

It is absolutely essential that countries in the Global South, particularly those vulnerable to climate change, have their voices heard at COP26. Who is better placed to bring the real impacts, as well as examples of how communities have adapted to climate induced challenges, than business, governments and civil society organizations from countries that are most directly affected?

COP26 should hear from the Global South because its countries are developing and scaling research-based solutions to address climate change and its effects from which the entire world can benefit. Bangladesh, for instance, has become a global leader on climate adaptation, out of necessity. Southern organizations must be encouraged and enabled to create these solutions.

To make this happen and ensure an inclusive and successful COP26, funding mechanisms must become less bureaucratic and more accessible for southern based organizations. An example of an innovative finance mechanism to solve this problem is the Climate Bridge Fund in Bangladesh, which supports non-governmental organizations directly responding to people displaced by climate change.

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