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increased involvement in income-generating activities for girls in youth empowerment clubs in Uganda


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girls in villages with youth empowerment clubs were half as likely to drop out of school during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

BRAC’s youth empowerment programs equip girls and young women with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive.

Our youth empowerment programs offer safe spaces and mentor-led, community-supported programming for young people, with a focus on girls. Through a combination of social empowerment, education, and economic empowerment, young people gain the knowledge and tools to overcome barriers and pursue futures full of possibility.

Empower a girl to reach her potential

Our approach

Social empowerment

BRAC’s youth programs build self confidence, leadership, critical thinking, decision-making skills, and social skills. We typically use a “near peer” mentoring model so youth learn and engage on these topics with community-based facilitators. Youth also explore gender dynamics and learn to navigate issues that affect their well-being and their futures, such as relationships, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, gender-based violence, early marriage, human and legal rights, and more. BRAC also incorporates sports, reading, games, and socializing into the programs to build a network of supportive peers. Programs are age appropriate, with content tailored for very young adolescents (10-14), adolescents (15-19), and youth (20 and above). This foundation in life skills helps prepare young people to become strong, resilient, adaptable adults.

Social empowerment

two girls in an ELA club


BRAC’s youth programs also prioritize education. We aim to increase enrollment among in- school and out-of-school youth and support them to complete their formal-education. For those who have dropped out of school, we offer alternative education pathways and focus on numeracy and literacy skills that help them find jobs and earn income. This support enables young people to advance their education and, as a result, improve their employment opportunities and earning potential later in life.


girls empowerment

Economic empowerment

Our youth programs help young people gain the skills and resources they need to secure gainful employment. We provide training in entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy along with career coaching and other soft skills. For older adolescents and youth, we offer demand-driven vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities. We also address societal norms rooted in gender inequities that often make young women economically vulnerable and decrease their power and influence in financial matters and other important life decisions, including marriage and access to school. To address inequity, BRAC believes that social empowerment must go hand in hand with economic empowerment.

Economic empowerment

Girls club in Nepal

Community engagement

At the heart of BRAC’s youth programs is a focus on community engagement. BRAC engages local communities through meetings with leaders, parents, caregivers, and the broader community. We lead local advocacy and campaigns to improve community buy-in for empowering youth and to foster enabling environments for girls. In order to improve the status of girls and young women in their communities, we also focus on engaging boys and young men to address gender dynamics and improve girls’ lived experiences.

Community engagement

ELA in Sierra Leone

Our work in action

Noeline’s Journey

Around the world, adolescent girls are one of the most vulnerable groups. In Uganda, high teenage pregnancy rates and few employment opportunities limit opportunities for young people who can't afford to finish school. Discover how BRAC's flagship girls empowerment program has created new opportunities for Noeline.

[BRAC’s youth programs] are shaped by giving voice to young people’s concerns and aspirations—and then giving them the means to shape their own futures.”
Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, BRAC Founder
For more details on our youth empowerment programs, download our fact sheet.

Program Highlights

Books inspired by real stories from girls in West Africa

BRAC aims to equip adolescent girls with the tools they need to thrive, and life skills are a vital part of that toolbox. BRAC published a new collection of life skills books inspired by real stories from adolescent girls in West Africa and written by local authors. The books are used to practice reading and to spur discussions led by mentors on sensitive topics such as forced marriage, early pregnancy, and domestic violence.

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