Change lives, restore dignity

Wherever you are, however you can, your help is urgently needed.

Your support provides opportunities for the most vulnerable people.

In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, BRAC has reached more than 600,000 refugees from Myanmar.

In West Africa, BRAC staff are training women to manage their finances, and providing small loans to start businesses so they can climb out of poverty.

In Pakistan, BRAC primary school teachers engage children who are disadvantaged and marginalized, and bring their imagination to life with stories and games.

BRAC reaches 120 million people worldwide. But behind this number are men, women, and children who will capitalize on an opportunity if given the chance.

They will change their lives and restore their dignity.

BRAC strives for sustainability, with social businesses that cover 70 percent of its budget in Bangladesh. But we still depend on the generosity of people who care to help us meet the basic needs of families living in poverty.

For more information about donating stock or mutual funds, please contact Director of Finance and Administration, Whitney Reichenbacker, at whitney[at]bracusa[dot]org.

Create opportunity for families living in poverty around the world.

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