BRAC's rapid response

BRAC’s teams launched an immediate response in the worst-affected regions, providing lifesaving assistance to 52,500 families whose entire villages are underwater. We are working to rescue survivors and deliver relief supplies by boat to people in urgent need. Our emergency teams―most of whom are from the affected areas―are racing against time to save lives and alleviate suffering, especially among pregnant women and young children.

Crisis Update

Shudebi survived the flood, but has been left with nothing:

“By the time we were able to gather all our family members, we remembered the last rice we had. It was already submerged. For the last two days, we ate whatever we could salvage from that bag of rice, and we harvested rainwater from the slanted tin on our roof. Now … I don’t know where we’ll be getting rice or water from.”

Our work in action

BRAC's response to worsening floods

Dry food and water are being delivered to those stranded by the flood in Sylhet and Sunamganj, northeastern Bangladesh. Arinjay Dhar, Senior Director of BRAC Microfinance, is on the ground with BRAC’s frontliners supporting over 52,000 families with emergency supplies.

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