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More than 700 million people live in extreme poverty. Here's how we are helping:


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Vulnerable women and families have access to microfinance.


Families have graduated out of extreme poverty.


Farmers trained to increase productivity and income.

I fell in love with BRAC when I realized how a single organization provides so many jobs and helps so many people in need.
Rafiq Shah, BRAC donor
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Graduation Story: Alo Rani

Poverty can be overcome, and the benefits last for generations. Alo Rani (‘light queen’ in Bangla) overcame poverty 18 years ago. And now, her children and grandchildren continue to thrive generations later. BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Graduation program has helped uplift more than 2 million households in Bangladesh out of extreme poverty.

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From homeless to small business leader: Kumba's story of resilience

When Kumba was 61 years old, she became the sole caregiver to her eight grandchildren, even though she was without a job. They were homeless and often went hungry. One day, a relative offered his small shelter. With a roof over their heads, they survived on cassava and selling firewood. When BRAC launched the Ultra-Poor Graduation program in her community, Kumba took a leap of faith. Through BRAC, she gained training and support to start a business. Now, she has been able to save, invest in her home, provide nourishing meals, and send her grandkids to school.

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