Dirk B. Booy

Photo of Dirk B. Booy

Dirk Booy has over 40 years of international development experience having worked at the village/community level, ran a National Field Office, managed a large fundraising office in Canada, and provided global leadership across 96 countries. He has held senior positions in large INGOs, both Western and Southern led, and helped mentor and develop over 100 leaders in the sector. Most recently, Booy served as the Senior Director for Program Development, Resource Mobilization and Learning (PRL) in BRAC helping to establish the PRL unit across the organization.

Currently, Booy is a Consultant/Mentor/Advisor to INGOs helping to build organizational capacity to improve overall impact. His unique focus is on facilitating meaningful change in complex, multicultural organizations. Booy has a Bachelors in Social Economics from Calvin (College) University, and a Masters in International Rural Development Planning from University of Guelph. He resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.