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Nearly 78 million children around the world don’t have access to education because of poverty, conflict, climate, or displacement. Here’s how we are helping:


Children have graduated from a BRAC school.


of teachers trained are women, creating safe spaces for learners.


increased involvement in income-generating activities for girls in youth empowerment clubs in Uganda.


reduction in teen pregnancy rates for villages in Uganda with youth empowerment clubs.

“BRAC’s work fulfills an important part of my personal vision, and as much as my contribution can help continue that work for as long as possible, the better.”
Marcella Cheung, BRAC donor
You can help children unlock their potential. Gift them the tools they need.

Our work in action

Birungi learns to spread her wings and fly

Each day, thousands of children attend BRAC’s network of Play Labs across Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Uganda. Our flagship play-based approach to early childhood education helps children build better futures at a critical time in their development. Through play, learners develop creative and social skills, build self-confidence, and cultivate resilience. Meet Birungi and see how play is helping her build a brighter future.

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Together, we can move the needle on poverty and intergenerational change.

Hajara triumphs over adversity

After her mother passed away, Hajara was left with no money and limited options. Unable to afford school, she started working as a domestic cleaner. But when she was sexually assaulted and became pregnant, she did not know where to turn. Struggling to provide for her child, she had a glimmer of hope when she heard about BRAC. Through BRAC’s youth empowerment program, Hajara participated in life skills, reproductive health and family planning, and financial literacy training, and she learned how to knit and received a knitting machine from BRAC. Equipped with self belief, mentorship and support, and tools to succeed, Hajara has built a successful knitting business and continues to thrive.

Give children the opportunity to reach their potential.

When children and young people are empowered with education, financial inclusion, or skills training, everyone benefits.