November 22, 2023

Empowered women transform lives for generations: Angeline’s story

Angeline’s story unveils a narrative of resilience, growth, and transformative change when women have opportunities.

Angeline and her granddaughter


All photos by Alison Wright.

Angeline is a livestock farmer in Gbatala, Libera. Originally from Monrovia, Angeline moved to Gbatala as a teenager. After marrying and having three children, her husband left when she was 32 years old.

Even though Angeline had no source of income, she decided to stay in Gbatala, stating, “This is my home.”

For years, Angeline’s primary source of income came from buying and selling fish. She would travel to the nearby city of Gbarnga, purchase fish in bulk, and sell it in her local market for a modest profit. Her children would help her sell at her market stall. Since fish goes bad quickly, whatever fish she and her children couldn’t sell would be smoked on an outdoor grill, ensuring it stayed fresh for as long as possible.

In 2019, Angeline came in contact with BRAC. She received a pig and participated in a three-day training on raising pigs. After breeding her pig with one of her neighbors’ pigs, her pig farm expanded. Today, she proudly tends to 22 pigs.

By selling the pigs she raises, Angeline is supplementing her income and creating a sustainable livelihood. Her additional income has enabled her to feed her family, send her grandchildren to school, and cover essential medical expenses.

Angeline feeds her pigs.

With her increased savings, Angeline purchased land with a vision to build a new house. “As soon as women have the money, women can have the opportunity,” she asserts confidently.

Angeline’s dedication to her family’s well-being and success is evident. Now that hunger doesn’t stand in their way, her family is thriving. One of her children is a high school teacher, another a motorbike taxi driver, and the third is pursuing higher education. Meanwhile, her young grandchildren are attending school and building the foundations for their own positive futures. 

Angeline’s success is a testament to the possibilities that unfold when women are empowered to take control of their economic destinies. Empowering women can break the cycle of poverty for generations.

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Meghan McLaughlin is Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at BRAC USA.