March 28, 2024

Take poverty personally: BRAC USA 2023 Annual Report

We challenged you to take poverty personally in 2023: You answered. Discover your impact in this snapshot of our new Annual Report.

Four young women laugh while posing together outside of houses in a community in Tanzania.


One spark of hope causes a ripple effect, and throughout 2023, we witnessed supporters step up with thousands of gifts, powering programs and sparking hope for people experiencing poverty. Thank you to each and every donor, supporter, and advocate who helped propel BRAC’s mission.

BRAC USA’s new Annual Report provides a snapshot of our collective impact — with stories and data illustrating how BRAC consistently steps up for people facing poverty. We are proud to showcase the fruits of strong relationships with donors and partners like you. Read the full report here.

In 2023, we partnered with people living on the front lines of climate change in Bangladesh. Together, we built flood-resistant homes that double as cyclone shelters, created rainwater harvesting systems to prevent salt contamination of fresh water sources, and promoted salt-resistant crops to tolerate frequent floods.

Recognizing limited opportunities for young people in Africa, BRAC partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to equip adolescent girls and young women with life skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship know-how, and job training. The partnership is leveraging BRAC’s proven microfinance, agriculture, skills development, and youth empowerment approaches to create big change for more than a million women and girls by 2027.

These successes and so many more are made possible by you: Our dedicated donors and supporters who take poverty personally every day. Discover some of the stories you helped shape this year.

In their new country, a mother and daughter build bright futures

A young girl, Divine, swings on a rope swing while her mother, Rose, looks on. They are participants in BRAC's two-generation program for refugee families in Uganda.

“In South Sudan, I lost everything from my business, and had to start from scratch. I am happy that my daughter Divine learns at the BRAC Play Lab, and that BRAC supported my business. I received four goats, five chickens, and training to help me diversify my resources and save money for the future. I also learned how to make a profit. I can now support my children and their futures.”

– Rose, a participant in BRAC’s two-generation program for refugee families living in Uganda’s Rhino settlement


Diana’s pipeline to prosperity

Diana, a former participant in BRAC's youth empowerment program, shows off the tools she uses in her job as a plumber. Photo by Alison Wright

“I love plumbing and earning my own money. I’m happy that the youth empowerment program made a positive impact on my life.” 

– Diana, a plumber and graduate of BRAC’s youth empowerment program in Liberia


Turning market days into milestones

Rebecca, a participant in BRAC's agriculture program, poses in front of her shop where she sells agriclutural tools and goods in Liberia.

“Through my agriculture supplies business, I’ve boosted my income and saved money each week. I’m using the profits to help pay my children’s school fees. I want them to have a higher education.” 

– Rebecca, an entrepreneur and agriculture program participant in Liberia


BRAC is committed to scaling our efforts to help meet the needs of a world that calls on us more than ever before. We look forward to partnering for a poverty-free tomorrow.

Check out our latest annual report to learn more about your impact in 2023 — and how your support and dedication will power possibilities for millions more people this year. 

An image of the cover of our annual report reads "Take Poverty Personally: BRAC USA's 2023 Annual Report"

Thank you for being an integral part of the BRAC family, and for taking poverty personally every day. Your support keeps proving that hope is a mighty force against any challenge. Working together, there is always a way.


Sarah Allen is Communications Manager at BRAC USA.