November 19, 2021

Universal Children’s Day: Colorful comics and cartoons teach children how to fight intestinal worms

Intestinal worms affect more than one in four people globally, and school closures eliminated a critical avenue for deworming services amid COVID-19. Learn how BRAC educated children and families about deworming at home.

Cartoon on deworming


Did you know that intestinal worms affect more than one in four people globally, but they can be treated for just 50 cents per child per year? Deworming programs can have broad and lasting impacts, from keeping kids in school longer to increasing their earnings potential as adults.

But amid COVID-19, widespread school closures have not only caused learning gaps — they have also eliminated a critical avenue for the delivery of vital public health interventions, including deworming programs, which are often run through schools.

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“In order to reach children and families and prevent infection amid the pandemic, BRAC found creative ways to engage them at home. With support from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, BRAC created and distributed comic books with lessons on deworming and hygiene practices and broadcast cartoons on local television. We also prioritized continuing to reach children with deworming services.

Today on Universal Children’s Day, learn more about BRAC’s work to promote deworming and ensure children are healthy, safe, and capable of reaching their full potential.

Watch our new mini-documentary on the deworming program in Bangladesh:

Check out a cartoon on hygiene and deworming that was televised in Bangladesh:

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